Studies have shown that if a football player wears a knee brace for protective reasons it will significantly reduce knee injuries.

We’ve compared several models of Knee Brace for Football that are highly recommended to provide support and prevent knee injury.

Our 4 top recommended Knee Brace for Football





DonJoy Defiance



DonJoy Armor




Hinged with Sleeve


Shock Doctor

Hinged with Sleeve


Why do football players need braces?

There are a few reasons that football players are highly vulnerable to knee injuries. It is a very high contact sport so the chances of another players hitting the side of your knee with great force in high. The sport itself also involves a lot of sudden stopping and starting, pivoting and twisting. All these movements put the player at risk of a knee injury. So if you are comparing the pros and cons of wearing a knee brace during football then the fact that the brace can be worn with no effect on performance and help decrease the risk of injury is a great reason to take the extra step in protecting your body.


An injury to any of the ligaments in the knee mentioned above may require having to get surgery. This is why purchasing a high quality knee brace to try and prevent injury is a great idea.

How can a knee brace help?

These types of braces are specially designed to reduce the amount of force and strain that is being placed on the soft tissue of the knee, like the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. If the brace contains a hinge then that hinge is designed to allow the knee joint to move through its natural range of motion but still restrict the knee when it is moving into a high risk position. If you are recovering from a previous injury then the brace should also contain some sort of leverage system that will decrease the amount on strain being placed on the ligament that was injured.

Knee Brace for Football Review

  • This brace is great for all football players because it can be custom fitted to your knee.
  • Donjoy is one of the best brands for knee braces because their braces are known to provide support and stability for a wide range of instabilities.
  • This brace is great for contact sports and can be worn by pretty much every position on the field, offensive, defensive, and speed positions.
  • The DonJoy Armor knee brace is one of their strongest braces! It provides a high amount of protection and support for someone who has suffered a knee injury and wants to get back into football

  • Many professional football teams use this brace to prevent injuries. It can be used for any ligament instabilities or injuries (ACL/PCL/MCL/LCL). Although not custom fit, it is still a comfortable brace with a long last durable frame.

  • This brace is a lot less expensive than some of the other braces reviewed on this page. Although it may not have as extreme of support as some of the others it is a great choice for more recreational level football players.

  •  Provides protection from injury occurrence or helps support your return to activity if an injury has occurred.

  • stability for the knee.

  • The added full knee coverage adds the aspect of warmth to your knee heeling. Warmth increases circulation which leads to quicker healing and less swelling.

  • This braces unique design of straps, hinges and mesh coverage creates a great knee support for just about anyone.

Football players may be interested in wearing a brace for two different reasons. The first is to prevent an injury from occurring in the first place. The second is after the injury has already occurred and the play is ready to get back out and play. The injured aspect of the knee may not be as strong as before so the knee brace is there to provide support. There is also the mental aspect of support when wearing a brace. Knowing that the support is there for you, allows you to play the game you love at ease.

Some people believe that wearing a brace might decrease their movement and performance on the field, however, with how advanced the technology of these braces has become, most players do not see any effect on their performance.

Common football injuries

The most common injuries to the knee are an ACL tear, MCL tear, and meniscus tear. The MCL is located on the inner side of the knee and works with the LCL to restrict unusual movement of the knee sideways. The ACL is located inside the knee and more forward then the PCL. The ACL and PCL form an X within the knee and their role is to restrict and control forward and backward movement.

football knee injuries

The meniscus of the knee is also referred to as the cartilage on the knee. Tears in the meniscus often occur with twisting movements or deep squats. A hard blow and direct contact to the knee is another common way to injure the menisci. If you tear the meniscus then there is a chance of also injuring a ligament of the knee at the same time.


We’ve reviewed 4 of the best Knee Brace for Football here so you can find the one you need – whether you’re recovering from an injury or trying to prevent one from happening.

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