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At we are dedicated to providing consumer-friendly resources on sports gear and equipment to help prevent injuries.

Our summarized, and well-informed opinions are collated here to help you quickly find the best solutions for YOUR needs. So you can get back to being active ASAP.

Initially, the site was created in 2015. It was inspired by one man’s determination to get back to playing sport after rolling his ankle and needing ankle support. Since then, we have expanded over the years and it is now run by a team of sports enthusiasts from a range of sporting and fitness backgrounds.

Our team provide our real-world advice as sportsmen and women. In addition, we conduct further research on the products from manufacturers specifications and customer reviews across the internet. This ensures we’re getting large volumes of people’s opinions… real-life people who are using the products in a variety of sports in the real world! That way you don’t have to rely on manufacturers claims and marketing, and you get the fuller story.

Sports we cover

To cover a wide range of perspectives we have opinions from sportspeople in a wide variety of activities. This includes

  • football
  • basketball
  • baseball
  • tennis
  • running
  • soccer
  • yoga
  • dance
  • gym and weight-lifting
  • and more…

In addition, we also consider products useful for everyday activities like walking.

We apply our industry experience, top-quality research and editing team to ease our customers lives by cutting down the research you need to do. We’ve done the hard yards of research and comparison so you don’t have to!

Products we review

Here you’ll find articles reviewing sports braces for all the different joints, including:

  • knee braces
  • ankle braces
  • foot braces
  • elbow braces
  • wrist braces
  • back braces
  • shoulder braces
  • neck support
  • compression gear
Women yoga protecting joints

Who we serve

We aim to help people at all levels of fitness from kids and amateurs, to elite and professional sportspeople.

Our reviews are generally related to products available to buy in North America. However, due to the worldwide reach of Amazon, and the distribution of the top brands, many of the products will be found globally. Often links to Amazon will redirect to take you to equivalent products on the local Amazon website servicing your country.

As an Amazon Associate earns from qualifying purchases. However, these commissions cost nothing extra to you and help to fund the creation and maintenance of the site so we can provide more helpful content for you. We only recommend products that are genuinely good quality and consistently well-reviewed by real-world users.

We hope you find the advice you’re looking for. So you get get back to having fun. Play on!