Best Elbow Brace

Elbow injuries can vary from minor to serious. The pain can be caused from a variety of reasons but repetitive activities from exercise, work, household chores or leisure activities are all common ways to develop an elbow injury. Two common elbow conditions are lateral elbow tendonitis also referred to as tennis elbow, and medial elbow tendonitis also referred to as golfers elbow. Other common elbow injuries that would benefit from some sort of elbow support are injuries to the soft tissue like muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Many people bump their “funny bone” and experience shooting pain down their forearm that soon disappears. While others will experience chronic pain due to overuse that will have a large impact on their performance. Although your elbow joint is not holding the weight of your body, an injury to the elbow can be very painful for many activities. Common symptoms include pain, swelling, numbness, tingling, weakness and decreased range on motions.

Who needs an Elbow Brace?

There are two types of injuries; acute and chronic. An acute injury is one that is caused by a direct blow, fall or abnormal movement of the elbow that caused immediate pain and swelling. Chronic injuries are ones that are caused from repetitive over use and slowly breakdown the soft tissue supporting the elbow joint.

Injuries in children are most commonly caused from an accidental fall. Children participating in contact sports like wrestling, football, soccer, biking, skiing and hockey have an increased risk for elbow injuries. Injuries at the elbow joint in children can be a lot more serious due to the fact that if the growing end of the bone is affected it can change the shape of their bone for the rest of their lives. For this reason any injured child should be taken to a physician.

Types of Elbow Braces
Tennis Elbow Straps

This type of strap wraps around your forearm below your elbow. A tennis elbow strap absorbs forces that were going to be transmitter through the muscle tendon connecting to the bone. These types of braces are easy of braces are easy to fit and have comfortable pads. This is a great support for most people playing tennis or suffering from tennis elbow symptoms.

Elbow Compression Straps

These straps are similar to tennis elbow straps in shape and function. They are able to absorb forces to help alleviate the stress on muscle tendons. It is a great support for people suffering from bursitis, tennis elbow or golfers elbow. Many people also use these straps in a preventative way. People who participate in sports and work/leisure activities that involve a gripping force can benefit from wearing a support like an elbow compression strap.

Elbow Sleeve

An elbow sleeve is designed to support less acute injuries and help with recovery from surgery. A sleeve provides warmth which increases the vascularity in the joint. The more blood that is flowing through the joint the quicker it will recover. The sleeve also supports a weak joint through snug compression, making them great for weightlifters looking for extra support. Some sleeves also incorporate pads into their design to protect the elbow during contact sports.

Post-Surgery Braces

These braces are bigger and more rigid but provide the extra support that is needed after surgery. The brace applies tension to different areas based on the previous injury.

Here are 4 great elbow braces: 








Tommie Cooper




Post Op Hinge



Forearm Strap


1. McDavid Elastic Elbow Support

The McDavid Elastic sleeve is designed for people looking for mild compression of the elbow joint. This is a great sleeve for support in everyday use or weight lifters. The sleeve pulls on easily to fit snuggly around your elbow. It fits firmly but still allows a good range of motion through flexion at the elbow. The breathable material makes it comfortable to wear and allows you to enjoy the benefits of increased warmth without having a very hot elbow sleeve.

2. Tommie Copper Men's Recovery Vantage Elbow Sleeve

This is another great arm sleeve to stabilize and support your elbow joint. It will help enhance mobility, speed up recovery, and provide warmth. The polyester/spandex material provides a 4D compression around your arm that is comfortable enough to wear for 24 hours. This sleeve is great for relieving muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and soreness.

3. DLX Post-op Elbow Brace

This post-op brace is a great choice for someone recovering from surgery. These types of braces can be complicated but this version is a very user friendly brace. The press of a buttons can quickly adjust the degree of range of motion. The hinge changes in increments of 15 degrees. Also provides great comport and clean aesthetics.

4. BandIT Therapeutic Forearm Band

The BandIt elbow strap is a great inexpensive support for the average person suffering from tennis elbow pain. Providing instant pain relief for those suffering from the pain associated with tennis elbow. Through moderate pressure placed around your forearm the brace absorbs forces travelling through and relives tension on the tendon. The brace must fit tight in order to maintain pressure but this brace is not tight enough to cut off circulation. It fits in a way that won’t affect your range of motion while playing sports or leisure activities.