DonJoy ACL Braces are heavy duty and designed to be able to withstand the most intense blow of contact sports. Donjoy offers a knee protection guarantee because they are so confident you won’t injure your ACL while wearing one of their braces.

We’ve compared several models of DonJoy ACL Brace so you can find the best ACL brace for for ACL knee protection.

Our 4 top recommended DonJoy ACL Brace

DonJoy ACL Brace Reviews

  • The eXtreme Armor knee brace is one of their strongest braces!
  • It provides a high amount of protection and support for someone who has suffered a knee injury and enjoys contact or extreme sports.
  • It can be used for any ligament instabilities or injuries (ACL/PCL/MCL/LCL).
  • Its light weight frame and “anti-migration” pads keep the brace in place and allow maximum comfort. This brace is more expensive than other but it is worth it, it is a long lasting durable brace that is great for several sports.
  • The Donjoy legend brace is another brace designed for moderate to severe ligament instabilities or injuries. Similar to the eXtreme Armor knee brace it can provide protection for ACL, PCL, LCL, and MCL.

  • There are different designs depending on the ligament that is damaged, as well as a combination design for multiple ligament injuries. The brace can be used in water without being damaged so is great for swimmers and extreme water sport athletes.

  • This brace is the next step down from the eXtreme Armor knee brace. It is designed to be used with mild to moderate ligament injuries and is suitable for contact and non-contact sports. The fullforce brace will provide an excellent amount of support if recovering from a knee surgery.

  • Not recommended for intense contact sports however. Similar to the eXtreme Armor knee brace it is light weight and comfortable, contained “anti-migration ads to hold the brace in place.

  • This is the least expensive brace made by Donjoy for protection against ligament instabilities. It provides mild to moderate support for ligaments and is also great for post-surgery. The brace is designed to be adjustable to different degrees of flexion and extension.

  • By limiting the degree of movement in the knee is prevents the knee from moving into a position that puts it as a high risk for injury. The frame for this brace is not as rigid as other braces and contains a pull on sleeve made out of polyester-nylon Drytex fabric.

Donjoy Knee Brace Features

Donjoy is the leading manufacturer of ACL knee braces. For over 30 years they have been producing high end products for anyone from the average sport athletes to professionals. Donjoy braces use specifically designed frames and hinges to relieve the stress being placed on an injured ligament. The hinge is referred to as a ForcePoint hinge and its purpose is to slow down the acceleration of the knee when it reaches the last 25 degrees of extension. It does this through a spring system that will provide resistance to the knee when it reaches a position that increases the risk of injury.

Another feature Donjoy braces offer is a four point leverage system. The leverage system is designed to prevent forward translation of the tibia (shin bone). ACL injuries are often caused by this exact motion, so by reducing the strain being placed on the ACL it is decreasing the risk for an ACL injury. The frame of a typical Donjoy ACL brace has two anchors, one on the thigh to anchor the femur and one on the calf to anchor the tibia. Straps are placed at the front of the thigh and the back of the calf to adjust how needed.

playing soccer with Donjoy ACL brace

Who would benefit from a Donjoy ACL Brace

Anyone who has suffered from an ACL injury will benefit from an ACL brace or someone who participates in high risk contact sports and wants to prevent an injury. They can be used to aid your knee instead of getting surgery, used while waiting for surgery, or while recovering from surgery. The brace will provide support and stability to your knee while the ligament is weak. An ACL brace will provide the physical support you need with ACL injuries but also help with the mental aspect as well. Wearing a brace that is going to protect your ligaments allows you to be at ease during activity, it also provides to yourself and others that you are injured or have just had surgery.

beach volleyball with DonJoy ACL Bracesurfing with DonJoy ACL Brace

Other Donjoy Knee Braces

Donjoy has created many styles of braces that can be used for different circumstances. The most common one is for stability problems like ligament injuries. These are the top of the line braces mention above. There are braces designed specifically for someone suffering from arthritis. This type of unloader brace takes pressure off of the knee and transfers it to the thigh to help reduce pain. The third type of brace Donjoy makes is for protection for someone who has just gone through knee surgery. Their braces can also be worn to prevent injuries if you play a high risk sport with a lot of contact.

Here we’ve compared several models of DonJoy ACL Brace so you can find the best ACL knee brace to reduce the strain being placed on the ACL thereby decreasing the risk for an ACL injury.

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