Shock Doctor is a sports medicine company that has been making quality equipment since 1992. They know that to the athlete performance is everything this is why their goal is to create materials with designs that allow athletes to perform at their best while staying protected.

We’ve reviewed 4 of the Shock Doctor ankle braces so you can find the right one for your needs.

Our 4 Top Recommended Shock Doctor Ankle Braces





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Compression Sleeve


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Ankle Stabilizer


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Lace-Up with Straps


Types of Ankle Braces

An ankle sleeve is the mildest form of protection and is designed to apply targeted compression. A sleeve is used by someone who is suffering from mild pain from sprains and strains. A sleeve will also support the soft tissue in the joint as well as provides warmth. Warmth aids the ankle by increasing the blood flow and increasing circulation, which leads to quicker recovery.


Some sleeves as well as other more supportive braces can also include adjustable straps. These straps add extra support through compression. The amount of pressure is also adjustable to the amount you require and what feels comfortable.


A stabilizing brace moves into the moderate level of support category. Unlike an ankle sleeve this braces will also contain bilateral stays to provide added support. Someone who is suffering from a mild to moderate ankle injury or someone who has general weak and unstable ankles will benefit from a stabilizing brace.


Next is lace up ankle braces. These braces can be used for anyone who is suffering from medium to severe ankle sprains, muscle strains and unstable joints. The brace is designed to provide medial nd lateral support. Especially in athletes who have injured their ankles in the past and are returning to sport the tight compression that a lace up brace provides will benefit the athlete and help prevent re-injury.


We’ve reviewed 4 of the Shock Doctor ankle braces so you can find the right one for your needs.

Shock Doctor Ankle Brace Reviews

  • This is a low profile ankle sleeve with the added support of two multi-dimensional straps. This is a great brace for someone with a mild to moderate ankle injury like a sprain. It provides the added support if you are returning to sport and worried about re-injury.
  • Made with Shock Doctors N-TEX compression neoprene and breathable mesh make the sleeve very comfortable and a universal fit for all shapes and sizes. The brace is designed anatomically to slip on and fit easily to the curvatures of your foot and ankle.
  • The straps are easily adjustable allowing you to get the perfect amount of pressure desired.
  • The Shock Doctor Ankle Stabilizer has all the support from a lace-up brace but with only half the time to get on.

  • The bilateral stays provide moderate amount of support and protection for anyone who is suffering from a mild to moderate ankle sprain or strain.

  • Designed with convenience in mind the brace is easily fitted and secured with Z-Grip closure system.

  • This is the next step up for support and protection. Used by athletes who have had a moderate to major ankle injury occur and are looking to return to sport without a re-injury.

  • This brace has a few features to make it very comfortable. First, the inside of the lace-up brace is lined with gel cushions and second, the bottom tongue of the brace is pre-curved to fit the natural arch of feet.

  • The tight compression added to the anatomical design make this brace very sleek and it easily fits into athletic footwear while maintaining a high level of support.

  • Similar to the above Lace-up ankle brace this brace has all the feature of the previous brace including its comfortable design with gel padding, compression support and protection.

  • On top of that the brace has multi-directional adjustable stability straps that provide lateral and medial support configurations that you would get from a typical ankle taping

  • So if you have previously sprained you ankles and are returning to a sport that has a high risk of ankle injuries like volleyball or basketball, this is a great brace with so much protection to help prevent re-injury.

Shock Doctor Ankle Braces

Shock doctor ankles braces are designed to support and comfort the ankle for many different types of injuries. From compression sleeves to rigid ankle braces, shock doctor has something to fit your injury. Their braces are known for having a low profile and easily adjustable to any size and shape.


Types of Ankle Sprains and Their Grades

There are three types of ankles sprains: inversion, eversion, and high ankle sprains. Eversion ankle sprains are the most common and occur when the ankle rolls inward. This damages the ligaments on the lateral or outer aspect of the ankle. An inversion ankle sprain is the opposite and occurs when the foot rolls outward, this then stretches, tears and damages the ligaments on the inside of your ankle. A high ankle sprain which is also referred to as a high ankle sprain is when the foot is pushed too far back (toes toward your body) and it damages the connective tissue that holds the two lower leg bones together.

A grade 1 ankle sprain is diagnosed by only stretching or partially tearing the ligament. This will result in only mile tenderness and swelling. Grade 2 ankle sprains will occur when thee ligament tear is larger but did not fully tear loose from the bone. Swelling and tenderness will be greater and walking will be painful. A grade 3 ankle sprain is classified as a complete tear of the affected ligament. Most of the time walking is not possible and there is a lot of swelling and bruising.

lateral collateral ligaments

Shock Doctor Technologies and Features

Performance Sports Therapy is the athletic centered approach that Shock Doctor used to create all of their materials. They take the latest science and combine it with input from sport trainers, physical therapists, and coaches to create new innovative designs that are progressive and effective.


Patented X-FIT is the strap system used by Shock Doctor that comfortably wraps around the leg or ankle and is able to overlay hinges and lace-ups while still maintaining a comfortable fit.


N-TEX is the material used that is made of neoprene. N-TEX allows moisture wicking to keep the ankle joint dry as well and warmth for therapeutic healing. Four-way stretch and Lycra mesh is also used in Shock Doctor material. This type of mesh allows athletes to maintain their regular range of motion with no limitations. The mesh also provides ventilation to help with moisture wicking.


They use the latest science, material and technologies to ensure that they are providing athletes with the best equipment possible and therefor allowing athletes to perform at the highest level. They are known for creating many different types of supportive equipment for wrists, elbows, shoulders, backs, knees, ankles and more.


We’ve compared several models of Shock Doctor Ankle Brace so you can find the best Shock Doctor Ankle Brace to support and comfort the ankle for many different types of injuries.