Life can be difficult and finding time to exercise while juggling long hours at work and family responsibilities isn’t easy.  This is when equipment like knee braces comes in handy.

We’ve compared several models of Plus Size Knee Brace so you can find the best knee brace for your support whether you’re working or exercising.

Our 3 top recommended Plus Size Knee Brace

How a plus size knee brace helps

  • Plus size knee braces come in a variety of types based on the amount on support that is required. Compression sleeves will be best for mild to moderate pain and functional plus size braces will be for individuals who have suffered a previous injury and are looking to get back into exercising. There are also braces that are made specifically for individuals with osteoarthritis called unloader braces.

  • A plus size knee brace will provide stability that you can trust. Similar to other braces, these braces provide compression that supports blood circulation which will help with inflammation, soreness and lead to a quicker recovery after exercise. A plus size knee brace will apply forces to the knee in specific areas to relieve pain from osteoarthritis or support a previously inured soft tissue like ligaments and muscles.


  • For someone that suffers from everyday aches, a knee brace/sleeve is a great way to eliminate the pain. By finding a brace that is comfortable enough to wear all day long, it will relieve your joint from the pressure of forces applied to them. This in turn will decrease symptoms like soreness, stiffness, muscle fatigue and pain.

Knee Braces for Overweight Individuals

  • If you are overweight, it is crucial to have the right equipment to minimize the risk of injury. For each pound of weight it puts an additional 5 pounds of force on your knee which can significantly increase the amount of strain. This additional stress placed on your knees can lead to more injuries, inflammation and pain.
  • It is important to have the right support while exercising to prevent injuries from happening. Wearing a knee brace will help treat any pain and can also help prevent osteoarthritis which overweight individuals are at a higher risk for.
  • Another way to decrease strain on knees for overweight individuals with knee pain is to participate in low impact activities like swimming, cycling and aerobics.

Difference between Men and Women

It is obvious that men and women’s bodies are not built the same. This is important when considering what type of knee brace will be best for you. Women are at a higher risk for injuries to the knee that include anterior cruciate ligament tears and patella tracking pain. Women are also more vulnerable to footwear-induced ankle sprains. On top of that, overweight women are even more susceptible to injury because of the increased weight/force placed on these joints.

Plus Size Knee Brace Reviews

  • The BraceAbility knee brace features easy application and a comfortable fit for people with larger legs and thighs. This brace comes in a variety of sizes from XL to 5XL so that you can find one that fits right.
  • The dual axis hinges provide support to both the medial and lateral sides of the knee giving your knee more support than a common knee sleeve.
  • This knee wrap has tons of features that are aimed at overall comfort and support. The four-way stretch material provides even compression over the knee. The spiral stays provide moderate medial/lateral stability while also providing enough flex to allow the joint to move naturally.

  • Openings over the front and back of the knee will minimize binding and provide additional wearing comfort. With adjustable straps this brace is great for playing sports because it won’t slip around and it will provide the support you need.

  • This is a simple but effective knee sleeve that is designed to apply compression and provide warmth to the knee for pain relief. Best plus size knee brace for individuals suffering from mild general knee pain and knee arthritis.

  • The simple slide on design makes it easy to pull on. The premium grade neoprene material is comfortable enough to wear everyday if required.

Exercise is an important part of life though and everyone should be participating in some sort of exercise during the week. Limitations like injuries, pain or extra weight can be a huge road block for some people in preventing them from getting the exercise they need.

This is when equipment like knee braces comes in handy. However, not all knee braces fit everyone the same, for overweight individuals or for someone who has thicker legs/thighs a normal brace can be tight, uncomfortable and hinder your performance more than help it. Plus size braces can be an excellent addition to your exercise routine or daily life to help prevent pain.

We’ve compared several models of Plus Size Knee Brace so you can find the best knee brace for your support whether you’re finding time to exercise or juggling long hours at work and family responsibilities.