McDavid is a sports brand that is focused on creating equipment and apparel aimed to prevent injuries and enhance performance.

Here is a breakdown on McDavids high end technology and their ankle braces.

Our 5 top recommended McDavid Ankle Braces





Level 1 Sleeve $
Level 2 Sleeve with straps $$
Level 3 Lace-up Brace $$
Level 3 Lace-up brace with straps $$
Level 3 Rigid Brace $$$

McDavid Ankle Braces

This company started creating braces and other sport protection in 1969 and has become very popular in the athletic world.


There are three levels of ankle braces made by McDavid. Level 1 type of protection will most likely be found in ankle sleeves. It is a basic form of support for instabilities, enhancing recovery, and relieving pain.


Next is level 2 protection which often incorporates a compression sleeve with multiple straps. These straps are designed to mimic the support you would get from athletic tape. The straps help prevent the ankle from moving into undesired positions. This is a great option for someone looking for relief from arthritis and tendonitis.

There are two types of McDavid level 3 ankle braces: Lace-up and semi-rigid braces. These braces will prevent and with recovery for common ankle sprains like inversion, eversion and high ankle sprains.

McDavid Ankle Braces Reviews

  • This sleeve will provide basic support for recovery and pain relief. The high performance compression is designed to provide warmth to help with recovery time and pain.
  • It will support your ankle joint but still allow for a good range of motion and flexibility so as to not affect your performance. Contains the hDc moisture wicking fabric and is easy to slide on and off.
  • This is a level 2 ankle brace meaning it will provide a moderate amount of support. The compression sleeve aspect of this brace has a 4-way elastic fit that is designed for warmth and increased compression.

  • On top of that the straps create a figure 8 compression that mimics many athletic tape jobs. This will increase the stability and support the brace offers. Great brace for someone suffering from arthritis, bursitis, or tendonitis. Click to replace anchor text

  • Lace-up braces like this one allow you to tighten the brace to your desired fit. As a level 3 McDavid ankle brace it provides maximum protection. Best used for the prevention or recovery of ankle sprains, the most common being inversion, eversion and high ankle sprains.

  • This brace also includes a built in arch to support the anatomical arch of your foot when playing on hard surfaces. With padded lining and a good ventilation system this brace is comfortable and won’t affect your performance.

  • As the name describes this is similar to the last McDavid ankle brace but with the added protection of a figure-6 strapping pattern. Studies have shown that wearing this brace will make you 3x less likely to have an ankle injury.

  • Similar to before this brace will help with recovery and prevent of ankle sprains and is the best option for high intensity elite level athletes. It also includes the features of a built-in arch, ventilation and padding.

  • This hinged brace is classified as a level three protection brace so it will provide maximum protection. Also a great brace for the treatment and recovery of ankle sprains especially high ankle sprains!

  • The compression boot of the brace provides the warmth and support while the semi rigid brace on the pivot hinge help prevent the ankle from moving into unwanted positions. It is adjustable for custom fit and very comfortable.

Prevention, Protection and Performance

The four P’s that lead to greater success: prevention, protection, and performance. McDavid believes that when you are fully protected it will lead to greater confidence. When you are confident, you will perform better and not be worried about injuries. All gear made by Mcdavid incorporates some or all of these factors. For example the recovery gear is made to reduce lactic acid build-up, increase blood flow for faster muscle fatigue recovery and improved circulation

McDavid Technology

Engineered Elastic is a step above any regular elastic. Unlike regular elastic that stretches in any direction, engineered elastic is made with specific patterns so that it can aid performance. This type of elastic can be found in most of their ankle braces.


Another aspect of McDavid gear is their HEX technology, which is a combination of closed cell foam padding, bonded to high quality hDc moisture management fabric. This light weight technology conforms to the body and provides different levels of support to match athletic needs and type of activity for every athlete. hDc technology is a moisture wicking fabric that pulls the sweat away from your body and helps it get evaporated. This is great for all weather conditions keeps you warm in colder weather and cooler in warmer weather.

Here we’ve compared several models of McDavid Ankle Braces so you can find the best ankle brace for support and protection. Read our related posts for more reviews.