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A lace-up ankle brace is becoming a more and more popular part of an athlete’s equipment, especially if that athlete participates in fast paced contact sports. . Lace-up ankle braces are an affordable way to help prevent injury and re-injury of ankle ligaments.

We've reviewed 4 of the best Lace-Up Ankle Braces  so you can find the right one for your needs.

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How Does a Lace-up Ankle Brace Help?

Ankle injuries are common, they can be acute which means it is a sudden onset and chronic is a condition that takes some time to develop and is often caused by repetitive damaging movements. Lace-up ankle braces are built to be worn after either of these types of injuries.

If you have recovered from an injury and are using a lace-up ankle brace for added support when getting back into sport there are a few ways it is helping. First off a lace-up brace provides the physical restraint to prevent your ankle from moving into any harmful positions that can re-injure yourself. The brace will provide support in place of the weaker ligaments.

The second way a lace-up brace helps is by increasing sensory proprioceptive information. Proprioception is your body’s ability to sense movement within joints and joint position and therefore know where your limbs are in space without having to look at them. This is very important for balance and coordination. By wrapping your ankle in a brace it increases the amount of feedback going to the nervous system and leads to more smooth and safe movements.

The Difference between a Lace-up and a Rigid Ankle Brace

Rigid ankle braces provide a higher level of protection compared to a lace-up ankle brace. Lace-up ankle braces are a lot more flexible and comfortable; they allow you to maintain a full range of motion. Lace-up ankle braces are also a more affordable option. Another benefit of a lace-up ankle brace is that is can be tightened to your own comfort.

Lace-Up Ankle Braces Review

1. Shock Doctor Ultra Gel Lace Ankle Support

This brace is all about comfort and protection. Its light weight design promotes comfort and allows you to wear the brace for long periods of time without it irritating you or affecting your normal range of motion. 

Because this brace has low profile lace loops it won’t put added pressure once you slip your foot into your shoe. The brace has multiple built in gel pads that create comfort especially for those who are looking to tighten the straps tight for added protection.

The lace-up design is there to protect the ligaments in your ankle from injury. The brace also has grippers on the bottom to prevent your foot from moving out of place.

Shock Doctor Ultra Gel Lace Ankle Support
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2. McDavid Classic Lightweight Ankle Brace

Another great light weight option to protect your ankle joint. The McDavid ankle brace is built to fit either the left or right ankle and comes in many different sizes. This brace can fit easily inside any kind of shoe and is made of strong durable materials so it can last.

Some added features include a built in arch support, spring steel stays and a ventilated tongue. McDavid ranks this brace as a level three maximum protection which is the highest level for their braces.

McDavid Classic Lightweight Ankle Brace
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3. ASO Ankle Stabilizer

This is a lace-up ankle brace with the added support of stabilizing straps. The straps are designed in a figure eight pattern to mimic a tape job and protect the ligaments in your ankle joint. The elastic closure cuff ensures that the straps are secure and laces remain tight.

This brace has a contoured tongue that is constructed to fit closely and comfortably to your foot. The inside back of the book is lined for added comfort in the Achilles area. Braces are made in all different sizes and can go on either the left or right foot. This is a very affordable top selling lace-up ankle brace with the added protection of straps.

ASO Ankle Stabilizer
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4. McDavid Deluxe Ankle Brace with Strap

McDavid is a well-known brand in the athletic support world. This brace is similar to their other lace-up ankle brace but also has straps. The straps are easily adjustable and designed in a figure 6 pattern. For comfort features the brace is lined with padding and also has an elastic heel so that your ankle joint is not restricted from moving into any natural range of motion movements. The brace has a sewn in arch to support the arch of your foot. Made with lightweight nylon and vinyl fabric, this brace allows your foot to breathe while also having the maximum protection and support.

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Common Ankle Injuries

There are three common ankle sprain injuries that would require a lace-p brace after recovery. The most common type of sprain is called an inversion ankle sprain. This is when you injure the ligaments on the lateral/outside ligaments in the ankle. This happens when the ankle rolls to far inward and tears these ligaments. The opposite of a inversion ankle sprain is a eversion ankle sprain. Eversion sprains are caused when the foot rolls too far outward and tears the Deltoid ligament that is located on the medial/inside side of the ankle. The third type of ankle sprain that is less common then the first 2 is a high ankle sprain also known as a syndesmotic sprain. A high ankle sprain is when you damage the connective tissue between the two bones of the lower leg. This is done when the foot is push too far towards the shin.

Tears in lateral collateral ligaments
Ankle sprains

When to Wear a Lace-up Ankle Brace

Lace-up ankle braces can be worn either before or after an ankle injury. Many athletes who compete in high rick ankle injury sports ware ankle braces even if they have not previously injured their ankles. Sports like volleyball and basketball where athletes are frequently jumping and changing directions are two example of this. The brace will help prevent the ankle from moving into a high risk position that will tear fibers in your ankle ligaments.

We've reviewed 4 of the best Lace-Up Ankle Braces so you can find the best and affordable ankle braces to help prevent injury and re-injury of ankle ligaments. Read our related posts for more reviews.

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