The EvoShield wrist compression sleeve is our recommended choice for high impact sports. Its design and features maximize impact resistance and reduce the risk of a wrist injury during sports, such as baseball, tennis, and volleyball, among others. The EvoShield wrist compression sleeve is made from soft neoprene material with a Gel-to-Shell interior. The interior is flexible, soft, and moldable. It conforms to your wrist when worn, but then transforms into a hard material to provide wrist protection and maintains its hardened state.

EvoShield Wrist Compression Sleeves

EvoShield Wrist Compression Sleeve Pro and Cons


Gel-to-Shell technology

This is one of the highlights of the EvoShield wrist compression sleeve and is why we choose it over others. This technology allows for better fit, comfort, and conformity to your wrist. As opposed to other wrist compression sleeves, the EvoShield fits on your arm perfectly before it hardens and maintains the fit after hardening.

Protective dispersion technology

Dispersion technology allows the neoprene outer cover and hardened inner layer to absorb the impact from hits and disperse it along the entire surface of the sleeve. This is especially important since it increases impact resistance and provides better protection during sports.

Adjustable straps

The EvoShield wrist compression sleeve comes with adjustable straps for added security. Even with Gel-to-Shell technology that guarantees to completely fit your wrist, EvoShield takes the extra step to add adjustable straps to secure your wrist further.

Huge color range

The EvoShield wrist compression sleeve comes with a huge range of colors, which provides you with more choices in matching your team’s look.

Easy maintenance

The EvoShield wrist compression sleeve is easy to maintain, especially since all it requires is hand washing and air drying. More importantly, it doesn’t lose its conformed fit after washing.


Thinner neoprene build than its earlier versions

To make the sleeves lightweight, EvoShield reduced the thickness of the material, which might feel less protective. The dispersion technology would work better if the neoprene outer cover was thicker.

Poor compression

The Gel-to-Shell technology makes for poor compression, in that there is essentially no compression from the sleeve. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this compression sleeve for medical purposes. Since it is a single-purpose wrist sleeve the cost might not be worth it for people looking to get more out of a single purchase.

Might come loose

We noticed that there might be some inconsistencies in the fit after it is hardened and there was a tendency to come loose. Keeping your hands clean and completely still while the gel hardens might resolve this issue.

EvoShield Wrist Compression Sleeve Conclusion

One thing you have to keep in mind when buying the wrist compression sleeve, especially if you are ordering online, is the size. In our professional opinion, we now strongly believe that it’s more of a trial and error, which is informed by the different physical characteristics, whereas the sleeves are made in set standard sizes. However, we found the EvoShield wrist compression sleeve more effective in terms of wrist support during high impact physical activities. This is a major plus since the number one objective should be to support and prevent injury.