The Breg T Scope knee brace is a post-op knee brace designed for those who are recovering from surgery or have suffered from knee injuries and instabilities. Breg was founded in 1989 and has been creating high performance sport medicine products for more than 2 decades. This company is dedicated to creating products that are comfortable with high value and performance levels. The T Scope knee brace is one of these products, it is light weight, easy to apply and adjust.




A post-op knee brace is one that immobilizes the knee and limits the amount of flexion and extension possible. The hinge is designed to restrict the knee joint from extending further once it has reached a certain degree. This is done to protect the soft tissue of the knee joint and allow it to heel after surgery or injury and to not allow the knee joint to re-injure in the same way. This means that a post-op knee brace can be worn before and after surgery for maximum protection.

Breg T Scope Knee Brace Features

The hinge of the Breg T Scope knee brace is where the range of motion is limited through stops. This hinge has the option of 5 different stops of the brace that can easily be adjusted with the push of a button. The hinge and brace itself is strong and sturdy so there is no need to worry about it breaking or not doing the job it is designed for.


Comfort is another feature that Breg takes seriously. These braces are lightweight weighing around 35oz. Breg pads its braces all the way throughout so that comfort is maximized and the patient is willing to wear the brace at all times directed by their physician. There is an optional accessory called the BridgeTech Incision pad that is designed to cover the incision site on the knee and provide extra protection.


No one wants a complicated brace that is difficult to get on and hard to adjust. This brace has a simple quick application process. This brace is designed with quick clip buckets to support this feature. The straps are also trimmable in order to customize the brace to any size. The straps also contain strap lock clips to make sure that the brace, mainly the hinges, are staying positioned in the right area of the knee.

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Common Uses for the Breg T Scope Knee Brace

The most common injury to the knee that would require a post op brace is any tearing to one of the 4 ligaments. These ligaments include the ACL, MCL, PCL, and LCL. There are so many ways that a knee ligament can be torn and based on the severity of the ligament tear it may or may not require surgery.

knee ligaments

The menisci are the C-shaped cartilage rings inside the knee joint between the bones of the upper and lower leg. Each knee has two menisci on the inner and outer side and their function is to cushion the knee to protect it and help maintain balance. If one of these menisci is completely town, then surgery is an option in order to repair and get back to normal function.


There are two types of fractures that require surgery and therefor a post-op brace: tibial plateau fractures and condylar fractures. A tibia plateau fracture is a break in the proximal aspect of the shin bone called the tibia. The break can be a simple clean line or a shattering of the bone in to many pieces. This type of damage can result in improper limb alignment, instability, loss of range of motion and arthritis which is why it is important to limit range of motion so as to not further damage the knee. A condylar fracture is a fracture to the condyles of the femur located at the distal end on both the medial and lateral sides.

The Breg T Scope knee brace is one of the best options on the market for post-op braces. This brace is comfortable, sturdy, light weight and easily adjustable. Breg is a well know brand that you can trust to create a product that will protect your knee joint and last a long time. If you are interested in purchasing this brace here is a quick link to it.

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