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Breg was founded in 1989 and has provided high end sport medicine products for over two decades. Their motto is called 360 degree Customer Care Experience and in short this means they are dedicated to creating high quality products, service, and value so that the customer is fully satisfied.

Breg has a wide variety of knee braces that range from function knee braces to soft knee sleeves.

We've compared several models of Breg knee brace so you can find the best one for your needs.

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Functional Knee Brace


Osteoarthritis Knee Brace


Post-Op Knee Brace


Patellofemoral Knee Brace


Soft Support


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Breg Knee Brace Features

ProForm technology which was created by Breg is designed to ensure a knee brace is working with the knee and not against it. It creates a fit that is molded to the unique size and shape of every knee to allow for a precise and contoured fit. This means your brace will not be sliding out of place and creating a potentially dangerous situation. AirTech is another technology used in many Breg knee braces in both warm and cold situations. AirTech uses AirMesh to create a brace will pads and windows that increase comfort. These pads and windows take moisture and heat and move it away from the body to create a dry and cool environment.

PCL and ACL Knee Braces

This category of Breg braces is functional hinged knee braces that are designed to support a specific ligament. These types of braces are more rigid so are often not used until an injury has occurred, they are sometimes used in a preventative way as well. This type of brace helps by applying forces to restrict movement in the knee from going into a position that could potentially injure the ligament again.

Osteoarthritis Knee Braces

An osteoarthritis brace is obviously created to aid someone suffering from osteoarthritis. The pain associated with osteoarthritis is caused by the rubbing of bone on bone because the cartilage in between has been worn down. An osteoarthritis brace shifts the weight off the area that is most damaged and places that force on the other side or the thigh muscles and bones.

Post-Op Knee Braces

Post-op knee braces are designed to limit the amount of movement in the knee joint after surgery. This allows for the knee joint to completely heel before beginning to slowly get a normal range of motion back. These braces can be used after any ligament surgery, cartilage operation, patella realignment or total knee replacement.

Patellofemoral Knee Braces

These types of braces are there to support someone who is suffering from patellofemoral discomfort. This type of discomfort can be caused by maltracking, subluxation and other patellofemoral injuries. This type of brace uses compression to maintain normal tracking of the knee. These braces can range from a simple sleeve to a hinged knee brace depending on the amount of support desired.

Soft Supports

Soft supports made by Breg are knee sleeves designed to provide compression and warmth to the knee joint. Compression is important for anyone who feeling like they have unsteady knees or is you are experiencing knee pain. Warmth is another benefit of a knee brace. Warmth of the knee joint means that there is more blood circulation which leads to quicker recover, reduced swelling and less pain. These soft supports also have a level of patella stabilization.

Another way all knee braces support you is through increasing sensory information. When you are wearing a brace it is increasing the proprioceptive information that is being relayed back to your nervous system. Proprioception is your body’s ability to sense movements in limbs and know where your limbs are in space without having to look at them. The more proprioceptive information your nervous system is receiving will lead to more balanced and coordinated movements and decrease the chance for injury.

Breg is dedicated to continuously changing their products to the most advanced technologies to support and protect your body. If you are looking for more information on other knee braces Click Here.

Best Breg Knee Braces Review

Breg Fushion Knee Brace

The Breg fushion knee brace is a functional knee brace also known as an ACL or PCL knee brace. This brace is designed to substitute support for a specific damaged ligament. A combination of straps and hinges to create a strong durable brace that limits the amount of movement in the joint.

This brace contains the AirTech, AirMesh, and ProForm technology mentioned earlier in this article, making it a comfortable and precise fit. The brace has a low profile so it suitable for anyone going to the gym, playing sports, or working on a job site.

Breg Fushion Knee Brace
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Fusion OA Plus Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

This osteoarthritis knee brace is for someone suffering from medial compartmental osteoarthritis.

This brace will make a huge difference in your life by taking away the pressure and pain associated with osteoarthritis that so many people just become accustomed to. 

It is a high quality brace that provides a maximum amount of support. The brace is made with Breg’s ProForm technology so it is will provide a comfortable contoured fit.

Fusion OA Plus Osteoarthritis Knee Brace
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Breg T Scope Knee Brace

The T scope knee brace is a post-op knee brace that is made to support and protect those who have recently gone through surgery on their knee. This brace is lightweight and easily adjustable to your desired fit. 

It contains multiple pads to increase comfort as well an additional accessory called the Breg Incision pad that covers the incision site and provides extra protection.

The hinge in this brace is strong and sturdy so there is no concern it will not do its job and restrict unwanted movement in the knee. It also can be programmed for 5 different stop angles and can be adjusted between these stops with the push of a button.

Breg T Scope Knee Brace
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PTO Soft Knee Brace

The PTO brace is designed to relieve pain and discomfort associated with maltracking or patellar instability, and is very effective. The brace applies compression and pressure from the lateral pressure plate to create a soft tissue wall that guides the patella through a normal range of motion and avoids patellar subluxation. 

The hinges and sidebars are made with thermoplastic which makes this brace ideal for anyone who participates in a sport that doesn’t allow metal. An open knee caps as well as the option of open or closed back creates a breathable knee support that can be worn for extended periods of time.

PTO Soft Knee Brace
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Hi-Performance Knit Knee Support

This knee support is a soft support that does not provide the same amount of protection as the higher end knee braces. This is a great brace for mild knee sprains, mild patellofemoral osteoarthritis and Osgood Schlatters disease

It provides compression, support and warmth to the knee joint. The 3-dimensional knit material is breathable and creates a comfortable fit. The brace also has medial and lateral stays to help prevent the brace from moving out of position.

Hi-Performance Knit Knee Support
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We've reviewed 5 of the best Breg Knee Brace so you can find the right one for your needs. Read our related posts for more product reviews.

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