It is common for most runners to experience some degree of pain in their knee or injury at some point in their life. Increasing your distance or intensity can be an easy way many runners can get knee pain.

We’ve compared several models of Knee Brace For Running so you can find the best knee brace for running  whether you’re sprinting, on the track or running marathons.

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How to select a knee brace for running?

1. Knee support

Knee strains, sprains and other minor injuries on require a knee brace that provides moderate to low support. For these types of injuries you should aim to get a brace that is light weight and comfortable. More serious injuries like dislocations, ligament or tendon tears will require a brace with more support.

2. Size

Size is important because no one wants to be worrying about the brace slipping out of place while exercising. A good knee brace for running should fit snugly surrounding the knee and adjust easily.

3. Moisture-wicking

Moisture-wicking is important to prevent blisters and the pain that comes along with them. Blisters can be caused by the rubbing of material in combination with a moist surface. Braces that have the ability to draw the moisture off the skin will be beneficial for long runs and humid conditions.


Types of Knee Braces for Running

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Patellar Stabilizing Braces

The patella is the circular knee bone also known as the knee cap. When the tracking of the patella becomes irregular it can cause the patella to grind into the femur which causes pain in the knee. This type of knee pain is very common among runners and a patellar stabilizing brace is a great way to reduce the pain. These braces are designed with a strap or block to hold the patella in place and maintain proper tracking.

Neoprene Brace

These braces will insulate the joint and can be used for multiple purposes. By compressing and retaining heat the knee is more vascularized which allows the knee ligaments and muscles to recover quicker. These braces sometimes also include hinges or patellar stabilizers.

Knee Bands

Patellar tendonitis is common among runners and will present with pain below the knee cap/patella bone. A knee band can be a great way to help relive that tendon and reduce pain and swelling. The strap comfortably fits around the knee. These bands are also great to help with runners knee and Osgood Schlatter’s disease.

Knee Brace For Running Reviews

  • This brace is great for the treatment of patellar tendinitis, tendon strains and arthritic knees. The supportive steel springs and kneecap buttress will protect the patella and knee joint during running and other activities.
  • If you have been experiencing pain around your knee cap while running, this brace is great to help relieve that pain. This brace is comfortable enough to be worn all day and easily adjustable.

Winzone Patella Tracking Support Brace

  • This brace has it all for knee stabilizing, if your knees are feeling shaky and unstable this brace will provide the compression and support to help stabilize the knee

  • The combination of patellar tracking support and dual side stabilizers will ensure the knee joint in operating correctly and help avoid the pain that can be associated with running long distances.

  • This higher end patella tracking support brace is ideal for supporting lateral patellar subluxation, dislocations, or lateral patellofemoral mal-alignment. The internal buttress can be positioned to either provide lateral or medial support to keep the patella tracking regularly. 

  • Through compression this brace will stabilize the knee to decrease pain symptoms that arise while running and improve overall quality of life. The large opening around the knee cap allows for high degree of flexion in the knee with no discomfort.

  • The Mueller knee strap is a very simple type of knee support. It is great for those suffering from patellar tendinopathy, runners knee, shin splints and Osgood Schlatter’s disease

  • It provides great pain relief by applying mild pressure to the tendon that connects the thigh/knee bones to the shin. The stretchy material does not irritate the knee or cut off circulation making it a very comfortable choice for runners.

  • The Pro-Tec tendon strap like the Mueller knee strap is best for alleviating patellar pain caused from patellar tendinopathy.

  • The pressure of the strap on the tendon is great a reducing the forces that are being applied to the femoral groove and maintain optimal patellar tracking. It is easily adjustable with one hand and will stay in place making it comfortable for the duration of your run.

Braces for injured knees should be chosen based on the specific injury so that the brace can provide compression in the right areas. However, there are some braces that are better for runners. Unstable knees are a common complaint and can be easily stabilized through the addition of a knee brace or band to your workouts.

Here we’ve compared several models of Knee Brace For Running so you can find the best knee brace for running whether you’re sprinting, on the track or running marathons. Read our related posts for more reviews.