Aircast A60 Ankle Brace

Ankle Injuries are not fun to deal with and can prevent you from playing your favorite sport or activity for months. Purchasing a high quality and well known ankle brace like the Aircast A60 ankle brace is highly recommended for any athlete participating in sports with a high risk of ankle injuries.

Make sure you are purchasing an ankle brace that is the correct size and side of your body. Below is a size chart:

Here is a quick overview if you are looking to buy an Aircast A60 ankle brace:

The Aircast A60 ankle brace is most commonly purchased by people who are looking to prevent ankle injuries. Aircast is the top selling brand for ankle braces and used high end techniques and material to make their braces. The braces main feature is its 60 degree stabilizers on either side of the brace that help prevent the ankle from sprains. The brace is comfortable and lightweight so it will easily fit into almost any athletic footwear that you wear. It is not complex, you simply slide on the brace and adjust the one strap to your designed comfort and you are good to start playing.

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About Aircast

Aircast is a well-known brand in the professional sports medicine world. They are leading researched in this field and have been instrumental in many technological breakthroughs over the past 30 years. Aircast uses all of the most recent technology and graduated pneumatic compression (GPC).

GPC also known as intermittent pneumatic compression is a system designed to improve venous circulation in the limbs of patients and helps reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis. Aircast is the world’s number one provider of ankle braces; they also produce high quality orthopedic walking boots, elbow, back, and shoulder supports.

Aircast A60 Ankle Brace

This brace has been designed to provide prophylactic support and protection for anyone suffering from chronic instabilities. The Aircast A60 ankle brace is most often used to help prevent ankle injuries and also after an injury has occurred and an athlete is returning to sport. The brace gets its name because it provides 60 degree of stabilizer guards that will help prevent rollovers and ankle sprains.


If you are taking to steps to protect your body from any future injuries you want it to be a simple and comfortable process. The Aircast A60 ankle brace is lightweight, comfortable and easy to put on. Aircast is known for providing lightweight braces that fit easily into any athletic footwear.

Aircast uses Breath-O-Prene material that uses air cell dynamics. Air cell dynamics helps take the warmth and moisture from your skin and easily and quickly wick it away from the skin, providing a dryer and cooler environment. Breath-O-Prene does not use any latex or adhesive materials.

Just slide on the brace and adjust the single strap to comfort and protection levels desired and you are ready to go. This brace is comfortable and allows your foot to move through its normal range of motion through dorsiflexion and plantarflexion without restrictions.

As mentioned before the brace is created with stabilizers at a 60 degree ankle on either side of the brace. By having the stabilizing guards at this ankle it prevents your ankle from moving into high risk positions for sprains and rollovers. These stabilizers are molded to be sleek and not bulky so that this brace fits comfortably into most athletic footwear.

Who should wear an Aircast A60 ankle brace?

Wearing an ankle brace for preventative measures in a high risk sport is becoming more and more common. Some coaches for sports like volleyball that have high ankle sprain likelihood actually require their athletes to wear braces on both ankles at all times. Ankle sprains are more prevalent in sports that require busts of side-t-side motion as well as jumping with the option of landing on another person or an uneven surface. The most common sports for ankle sprains are:

  • ​Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Soccer
  • Football