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Toronto Raptors Jonas Valanciunas Injury Report

It was early in the third quarter when Dwyane Wade barrelled towards the hoop and Valanciunas jumped up to contest the lay-up. As he came down partially on Dwayne Wades foot and landed awkwardly he sprained his right ankle. Valanciunas was in obvious pain and slowly made his way to the bench and then to […]

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Best Posture Brace

For many people, proper body posture is a huge issues that leads to sore backs and even potential serious injury. It’s important to fix this issue as early on as possible to avoid long-term pain in the future. Posture braces are often referred to and even sold as “clavicle braces” and they come in a […]

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Lace-Up Ankle Braces

A lace-up ankle brace is becoming a more and more popular part of an athlete’s equipment, especially if that athlete participates in fast paced contact sports. . Lace-up ankle braces are an affordable way to help prevent injury and re-injury of ankle ligaments. Ankle injuries are common, they can be acute which means it is […]

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