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I'll help you quickly understand your sports injury to find the right sports brace or compression sleeve based on my years of research and testing different products

If you’ve got a knee injury from running or playing a sport like football, find out which knee brace is best for you. 

Don’t buy an ankle or foot brace until you understand what will suit you best. Read our guides and reviews for the best ankle brace. 

Are you suffering from tennis elbow or need a golf elbow brace? First understand which brace is best suited to you.

What does a brace do for your back? How long should you wear a back brace? How do I know which back brace is best for me? 

Find out the different types of knee braces used for runners and what would be the best for you. 

Understand which wrist brace is best suited to you while playing volleyball.

We do all the research, reviews and comparisons so you don't have to

When you come to Sport Therapy Support, you can expect well-researched and helpful information, buyers guides, reviews and comparisons for golfers elbow sports braces.

We love to research golfers elbow braces and bring you easy to read summaries so you can fully understand the products and make smart buying decisions to save yourself time and money. 

Our Top Braces, Sleeves and Compression Guides

If you’re a basketball player, you’ll understand the need for a preventive knee brace while quickly jumping and switching directions.

It’s important to find the best brace for your sprained ankle so it can heal properly.

Ankle joints are the most pressure-bearing joints, especially when running. Runners need the right brace to help prevent their injury from getting worse.

If you are someone who has already experienced an elbow injury and is recovering, a hinged brace is a great way to protect the elbow joint from further injury.

Sportsman putting on a knee brace after an injury

How I Compare & Choose Braces

Expert knowledge to help you choose the right sports brace

We provide expert knowledge about knee braces, ankle braces, elbow braces and back braces  including ratings and data about how they measures up in various categories of performance.

I explain what sets each brack apart from its competitors, and suggest other comparable products based on price or use.  I also look at how the braces have been designed, and what type of sports injury they are targeted to – so you can make your decision based on what is right for you.

Braces worn to prevent sports injuries are called prophylactic braces, these are commonly used to reduce ankle sprains. Functional braces are used to support injured joints. And rehabilitative braces are worn to limit the range of motion of injured joints.

Our guides will explain in more detail about braces for football, braces for runners knee, ankle braces for basketball or baseball injuries. Volleyball braces for ankles are thoroughly researched along with braces for volleyball wrist injuries and things like that.

Hi, I'm Robert, the Founder of Sport Therapy Support

I started playing hockey at a very young age and enjoyed watching hockey matches, hoping someday to be one of the big names in the sport. I was dead set on going pro, but my dreams came to a slow progress when I got injured during a practice session. My knees weren’t the same after that, and I had to live in pain for a very long time and also learn to continue playing with my situation.

My research into sports therapy solutions and remedies began as a way to relieve my pain. I tried practically every solution recommended online until I discovered a science and method to it.

I needed first to understand my injury and pain to find the right solution. My struggle put into perspective the suffering of many other athletes who don’t know where to start after an injury.

Info, Tips & FAQ about sports braces

Find out how a shoulder brace can help and support the injury. What sort of protection the shoulder brace will give? Then we dive into some shoulder braces to buy, which ones we think are the best given your situation.

Help prevent sports injuries requiring braces by doing simple pike stretches before and after any sports game like football or basketball. It helps with flexibility and reduces tension and pain. 

We’ve compared several models of knee braces for basketball to help prevent overuse injuries and acute injuries as well as aid you in your recovery following an injury. 

Plus size knee braces come in a variety of types based on the amount on support that is required. Compression sleeves will be best for mild to moderate pain and functional plus size braces will be for individuals who have suffered a previous injury and are looking to get back into exercising. There are also braces that are made specifically for individuals with osteoarthritis called unloader braces.

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